Complete Legal Services For Creative Businesses

Aesthetic Legal offers innovative legal services to its clients, serving as trusted guides and advisors to our clients. We are leaders in providing critical legal services in the following practice areas:

legal services for creative businessess

Corporations and LLCs

Forming a corporation, limited liability company, or other legal entity protects the personal assets and liability of an entrepreneur. We help identify and form the best business entity or structure for each client’s specific needs. We also provide services in mergers, acquisitions, and dissolutions of corporations, limited liability companies, non-profits, partnerships and sole proprietorships.

New Media Law

New media law involves influencers, performers, writers, and producers who create content for YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and other social media platforms. We provide services including business and legal strategies, negotiation of agreements for production and distribution of new media content, product endorsements, licensing, and rights enforcement.

Art Law

Art law covers artists, galleries, art agencies, and museums, as well as companies who use, commission or acquire artwork or interests in artwork. We provide complete services to individual artists, art galleries and arts-related businesses, including the negotiation of agreements for public art installations, private art sales, commercial licensing of artworks, and enforcement of artists’ rights.

Advertising Law

Advertising law includes the creation and clearance of advertisements for television, internet and social media. We provide services to brands, product manufacturers and endorsers. We also advise and counsel commercial clients regarding advertising content and material, including music licensing, truth in advertising, and compliance issues.

Motion Picture and Television Law

We represent above-the-line talent such as actors, writers and directors, as well as independent producers of motion pictures and television shows. We advise and counsel on intellectual property matters, employment agreements, and business matters relating to the acquisition, development, production, and distribution of motion pictures and television shows.

Commercial Products

We assist designers, manufacturers and distributors of home furnishings, clothing, consumer goods, and foods and beverages. This includes negotiating and drafting agreements for the design, production, manufacturing and distribution of products and services, including textiles, artwork, furniture and computer software.

Copyright Law

Copyright law protects all types of art, music, literature, computer code, scripts and design. We provide complete services in business strategy, copyright registration, licensing, and rights enforcement.

Trademark Law

Trademark law protects business names, brand names, logos and slogans. We provide complete services in business strategy, due diligence research, trademark registration, licensing, defense and enforcement of trademark rights.

Internet Law

Internet law involves providing guidance for commercial website operations, compliance issues, legal protections, and enforcement. This includes counseling on issues involving privacy and publicity rights, Digital Millennium Copyright Act, consumer protection laws, and Internet and e-commerce related laws.

Music Law

Music law involves bands, songwriters, performers, composers, as well as licensees of music for film, television and advertising projects. We protect musical creations through copyright registration and strategy, and negotiate and draft contracts for music creation, production, publication, licensing, and distribution.

Contract Law

Contract law covers all aspects of business contracts from initial negotiations, preparation and revision, and enforcement of rights.

Real Estate Law

Real Estate law involves retail, commercial store, and office tenants in all aspects of leasing, development, build-out and disputes. This includes negotiating and drafting agreements for purchase and sale, leasing, licensing, development and property management.