Copyright Ownership and Transfer

copyright ownership

There seems to be a general confusion between ownership of a work and copyright ownership in a work.  If you own the physical original of a work (i.e., painting, photograph, logo design, book), this does not automatically transfer any interest in the copyright to the work. It is not uncommon to own a physical original of the work and have no rights to copy, reproduce, display perform or make derivative works. Continue reading “Copyright Ownership and Transfer”

Poor Man’s Copyright – Myth and Reality

poor man's copyright

If you take anything away from this website, I will be satisfied with educating you about myths regarding intellectual property law that many creative individuals and companies are relying upon to their own detriment.  One of the more popular myths I hear from actual and potential clients is one of the most perilous and should be disavowed immediately. This relates to what is called the poor man’s copyright. Continue reading “Poor Man’s Copyright – Myth and Reality”